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The Little Shop of Flowers presents

Thinking back, before I started The Little Shop of Flowers, I would generally visit a florist in need of fresh flowers to accompany a gift for someone. I didn't give much thought to what else a flower shop is capable of doing.

When we opened our shop in August of 2012, because of the scorching heat, our customers would often ask for flowers that would last. Trying to meet such demand, we began to stock flowers that can be enjoyed longer and further reviewed ways to preserve cut flowers.

In the beginning, the shop was only open on weekends, and we would often fall short of selling all the flowers. Not wanting to waste them, we played with the idea of dried flowers. Soon, our shop would be filled with both fresh and dried flowers. We would at times mix them for our own special bouquet. We even made fresh bouquets by imagining how it would look when it was dried afterwards.

Flowers are not everlasting. Wedding bouquets, a wild flower that your child picked for you, a single flower you get every year on your anniversary, a big bouquet from someone you dearly look up to… we often hear from our customers, "I wish I can keep this forever". To fulfill the desire, we experimented with preservation methods like framing glass-pressed flowers and plaster-casting fresh flowers to make plates, alongside the traditional dried flower method. Our ways to "record", eventually became our identity.

Arranging fresh seasonal flowers, and "recording" its ephemeral moment––we hope to showcase through the POP-UP STORE our passion and appreciation for the two different notions of time.